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Museum and Community of Leo's Art

At MOLA, we create opportunity, enrichment and community for individuals with an autism diagnosis, intellectual or developmental disability, their families and the therapists that help them progress. Founded and run by such a family, our funding is generated through the sale of our son Leo’s artwork.

We are different—not only because this funding model in and of itself creates opportunity—but also because we believe by enriching parents and therapists, a higher level of support can be given to the individual. 

Finding Strength and Passion

Heather Sutcliffe's sons were both diagnosed with autism around age two. Finding their strengths and passions has helped motivate them on their journey toward progress. 

In 2018, Heather decided to share her family's knowledge to help pave the path for others. Since then, Heather and her sons have participated in over 100 art exhibits, pop-ups and farmer's markets in the Greater Boston area. 

Using funds raised from these efforts, they began offering enrichment opportunities in 2022. Geared to individuals of all abilities to learn about themselves and foster connections with others, it is at the heart of MOLA's mission and community.

We strive for purpose, pride and progress so we can all thrive.

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Meet Our Founder

Heather's vision is to create and elevate opportunities for the neurodiverse community.

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Multi-Disciplinary Team

Our leadership team includes ABA, Speech, OT and PT experts.

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The Inspiration

Meet Leo and explore his art!

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