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Our Team

At MOLA, our multi-disciplinary team of professionals integrate principles from each of their respective fields to deliver high-quality, integrated experiences. Our programs are unique because we combine speech, occupational therapy, and behavioral supports (customized as needed) to create group recreation opportunities where all participants can have fun and be successful. 

Leadership Team

Asha Headshot.jpg

Asha LeRay
Licensed Occupational Therapist 

Christina Stavrakas_Headshot 2.jpeg

Behavior Support Professionals


Alissa Whitten
Behavior Therapist

"I received a wonderful voicemail from one of the arts & craft parents that couldn’t express enough his appreciation and satisfaction of how wonderful their experience in the class was.  He was overjoyed with how excited his daughter was each week to attend, the knowledge, patience and interaction that was provided by the staff and of course the art projects that were done. Please let each of the volunteers know how great of a job they all are doing."

Debbie Anderson, Town of Dedham
Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation

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