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Empower and Enrich.

"The opportunity for my sons, Owen and Leo, to work on valuable, functional skills, whether selling artwork or preparing for programs, is something we want to offer others. Rooted in principles of inclusion, we want to share what we know while continuing to learn on this journey."

-Heather Sutcliffe

Our History

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Heather Sutcliffe

Founder, Curator, and Executive Director

  • Member, Commission on Disability (Dedham)

  • Crocker Fellow Recipient, 2022-2023

  • Support Parent, Family Ties of Massachusetts 

  • Former Board Member, Boston Ability Center (Wellesley/Natick)



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Leo Sutcliffe

Our Inspiration and Youth Artist

  • Leo enjoys creating seasonal scenes, vehicles of all kinds, animals and landscapes.

  • All proceeds from the sale of Leo's art support the MOLA community.

  • Leo's exhibits create tremendous inclusion opportunities, giving him a sense of accomplishment and pride while building his resume.

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Owen Sutcliffe

Leo's Older Brother

  • Leo's self- proclaimed "Sales Man"

  • Student at Learning Prep School, Newton

  • Employed at Sudbury Farms, Needham

  • 2022 Dougie Award Recipient from the Flutie Foundation

  • Epic Service Warrior Graduate 2022

  • Member of 4-H Drumlin Farm (2015-21)


Meet the Sutcliffe Family

Heather Sutcliffe and her two sons work together to raise money and provide resources for the MOLA community. Now retired, Heather's parents volunteer their support in many ways. Leo's Granny lends her sewing support, making catnip toys out of fabric with Leo's artwork. Through MOLA, the Sutcliffe family gains valuable experience, hones new skills and makes a positive impact. 

"I like having my art shows because I see all the things I have made. I hope it makes people happy to see." 

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