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to Leo's Art

Leo enjoys creating seasonal scenes, vehicles of all kinds, animals and landscapes.

While drawing is his first love, Leo is very creative at using shapes and other materials, morphing them into various objects. During the pandemic, art was one of Leo’s primary activities: Through his artwork, he remembered the many things he loved but couldn't do because of social distancing.


All proceeds from the sale of Leo's art support the neurodiverse community. Leo's exhibits create tremendous inclusion opportunities, giving him a sense of accomplishment and pride while building his resume. 

Meet the artist!

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"I like doing so many things with art. I like art because it's so much fun. I make art out of crayons, markers, paint and paper. I like drawing A LOT of vehicles like cars, fire trucks, police cars and boats. I like to use many colors, but I like red the best. I like having my art shows because I see all the things I have made. I hope it makes people happy to see it."

Purchase Leo's Art

Our Etsy Shop has prints of various sizes, notecards, wrapping paper, and other products featuring Leo's colorful designs.

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