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Asha LeRay

M.S., OTR/L, Registered Occupational Therapist 

Asha LeRay has been a school based occupational therapist for almost twenty years working with children of all abilities. Her expertise is in the areas of children with physical and medical complexities. Inclusive OT has grown out of Asha's long standing commitment helping school aged children be actively involved in their communities and classrooms. Asha believes that every child, regardless of any diagnosis, brings their own uniqueness to a community. It only takes small adjustments in mindset, environment, and instruction to ensure everyone has their needs met and is able to THRIVE! As an OT, Asha holds a special place in her practice to help families whose children live with life threatening food allergies. She has created a streamlined system that helps decrease the risk of their children coming into contact with harmful allergens. The system allows children to be included in typical childhood activities and celebrations. Asha is a member of both the BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and adoptive families communities. Asha's practice, Inclusive OT, will ensure all families are seen and valued.

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